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Hamlet Solution Reference

The hamlet solution reference provides detailed information on what can be defined in a hamlet solution file

The reference is broken up into sections based on how the configuration is used:
  • Layers Set the context of what is being deployed and allow you to describe multiple applications within a single hamlet
  • Components Describe each function performed as part of your application
  • Reference Data Provides a collection of metadata that can shared across components
  • Modules Inject blueprint data into your solution to share and reuse your solution
  • Tasks Describe a task that should be executed based on a hamlet provided contract such as a runbook
  • Attribute Sets Are used to define configuration which is shared throughout the solution

Using the Reference

Each reference is made up of two sections, the Syntax and the Details.
  • Syntax The full structure of the configuration item with all values populated by the type of the property.
  • Details A table for each object in the configuration along with the properties of each attribute