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The documentation is currently under significant re-development. Existing content is a placeholder and will be updated very soon.

  • the Occurrence is a current Component’s deployment unit configuration as it exists within the context model (link)
  • It is the runtime state of the Component
  • An occurrence may contain sub occurrences, which reflect the same for each child subcomponent
  • The occurrence heavily informs setup routines (link) logic for components.

Occurrence Sections


Contains key identity information gathered on the deployment-unit


The occurrence state contains the resultant object from a components state routine (link to state routine reference)


The configuration subsection contains information sourced from the


A composite object of component attributes in the solution and a filtered view of the context


Contains the discovered “Build”, “Account” and “Product” level settings from the CMDB


Contains the discovered “Build”, “General” and “Sensitive” settings from the CMDB scoped to the environment of the occurrence


  • contains the suboccurrences for each subcomponent on the parent
  • Individual sub-occurrence structure matches that of the occurrence - each contains “core”, “state” and “configuration” objects.
// example  partial context model /w occurrence highlighted to emphasise it's relationship