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The documentation is currently under significant re-development. Existing content is a placeholder and will be updated very soon.

  • hamlet has the following log levels which will add additional context to output at engine runtime
  • Logging output is determined by the environment variable GENERATION_LOG_LEVEL
  • Default logging level is set to “fatal”

Log Levels

  • Debug
  • Trace
  • Info
  • Timing
  • Warn
  • Error
  • Fatal

Logging Functions

  • common logging macros and functions can be found in the developer-reference guide (link direct to the logging subsection)


  • Debug macros are placed throughout hamlet freemarker files to aide in troubleshooting

  • Additionally, component setup files contain existing debug statements for simple troubleshooting of an occurrence

    • due to the size of each occurrence, these are disabled by default and can be enabled inline:

      [@debug message="example" context={ "key" : "value" } enabled=true /]
  • To enable a default level of debugging in the engine, set the following global variable in your shell:

# Enable Debugging

# Disable Debugging