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Input-Data Types


The documentation is currently under significant re-development. Existing content is a placeholder and will be updated very soon.

  • The hamlet engine defines the input data types that are each compiled in order to create a build blueprint (link to blueprint docs)
  • Each input data type defines a global variable and associated macros/functions with which all related data will be compiled into at engine runtime
  • Utilising these input data type getters/setters allows each provider to implement their own provider-specific configuration requirements yet conform to data structures hamlet understands

Data Types vs Data Sources


  • The global types of data that will be compiled to make a blueprint from which all file outputs will be constructed.


  • The ways in which hamlet will discover or be provided with data at runtime

Current Data Types

  • provide links to individual pages for the following
    • Masterdata
    • Seed
    • Stack Output
    • Command Line Options
    • Blueprint
    • Definitions
    • Reference
    • Settings