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Validating the Blueprint

Regularly validating that your Blueprint contains only valid configuration is not only good practice, it will help you catch mis-configurations early.

In this short guide we'll take a look over how you can make the most of Blueprint validation.


The following sections assume you are working inside the development workspace and have a District configured already.

What Gets Validated?

The validation process will construct the District's Blueprint and compare it against the Blueprint Reference. The process will alert you if any of the following issues are present:

  • missing mandatory configuration;
  • unexpected data types;
  • values that do not match those available (where applicable)
  • unexpected attributes have been found;

Running Validation

Validation is performed as an Engine Entrance. It does not require any additional arguments.

hamlet entrance invoke-entrance -e validate

That's all there is to it!

Regular validation will help you catch issues early and ensure that hamlet is working the way you intend it to.


You can always compare invalid configuration against the Blueprint Reference if you get stuck.